Free through Fiction is a community where fiction lovers unite! When reality bites, we like to break free through fiction. We lean toward young adult literature, and we have a big crush on paranormal romance novels – but fiction enthusiasts of all kinds are welcome. And even if you’re not so young (and a little more adult), that’s cool, too. We won’t tell anybody. *wink*

When you read, do any of the following things happen?
– Your jaw drops.
– You gasp out loud.
– You really LOVE a character (like, you want to be her/him or you want to kiss her/him).
– You really HATE a character (like, you want to punch her/him).
– You get an occasional tear in your eye (or maybe you full out boo hoo).
If you said yes to any of the above, then this is the place for you!

About the Writer: Liza love living vicariously through vampires, witches and basically anyone with the ability to throw cars effortlessly at their enemies using their super strength, their mind, or a wand. I enjoy all types of fiction, but lately have been particularly enthralled by paranormal romance novels.
I’m a part-time writer, and full-time wife and mother of three young children. My days are focused on making sure that no one in my household lives dangerously. But when the kiddies go to sleep, I break free from reality and dive into the Land of Make Believe with a good book.